With the Aircraft Propeller Industry growing in every direction, there are many types of aircraft propellers out on the market that will act and perform differently with every airplane configuration. At Arrow Aviation Propeller Service, we provide high quality propeller service and sell many types of propellers. We can provide service, repair or rebuild propeller system by Hartzell, McCaulay, Sensenich and MT Propeller.


Arrow Aviation's Propeller workshop at Kolkata (India) is a modern, custom designed propeller shop that is entirely dedicated to propeller maintenance. Arrow Aviation also has a Wheels and Brake-assembly overhauling facility and refilling plus overhauling capability of pressurized Bottles for aircraft use at workshop in Kolkata.


Arrow Aviation is a DGCA Certified Repair Station (under CAR145) that services, overhauls, repairs, and customizes (Hartzell and McCaulay propellers. The facility is a service center utilizing DGCA certified products supplied by:


OEM Certified Service Station of MT Propeller

The company personnel include capable licensed propeller repairman, and inspectors.

Quality Assurance:

All work is inspected by the in-house DGCA approved inspection system. In addition Arrow Aviation's Propeller workshop is a DGCA approved repair station that requires additional quality assurance standards and criteria.


Arrow Aviation's goal is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing a safe, high quality complete product with a prompt turn around time and with competitive pricing.